Four Advocacy Strategies in One Platform

Your issue drives the message, your strategy drives the win


A state-of-the-art advocacy innovation


Control the Total Message.

Our Back and Forth advocacy app combines two simple principles with our state-of-the-art technology. Strategic messaging increases influence. Two way communication deepens understanding.

The Back and Forth ensures precise, consistent messaging from supporters because now you can sort, select, organize, and bundle emails into a single message package for lawmakers.

Lawmakers receive ONE email containing your selected messages. They can locate their constituents by zip code filter and immediately reply to your supporters with a couple of clicks. The app makes two-way, back-and-forth communication that easy.

It’s a win-win-win strategy for Issue Leaders, supporters, and lawmakers.

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The Action Call.

Get started with your Action Call.  Select your lawmaker recipients, then put together your message.  Let supporters add their own stories.  That’s how advocacy campaigns gain power and influence.

The Supporter Message Report

All supporter emails arrive in the CC app.  Filter and select emails for your campaign. You can match supporters to lawmakers by zip code.  Click on the emails to bundle and you’re ready to put together your message package.

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It’s the whole package!

Here’s where Back and Forth power takes over.  Lawmakers receive ONE email containing your selected supporter messages.  What a relief for them!

In a couple of clicks lawmakers can sort the message list by zip code to identify constituents. Another click and they can send ONE reply to hundreds of constituents.  Their responses land in individuals’ mail boxes as a personal email from the lawmaker.

Then the magic happens.  Lawmakers can download the senders’ contact information for their grassroots efforts.

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The Complete Back-and-Forth.

When lawmakers respond to your supporters, you get a copy of that message.

Your supporters receive a personal email from their lawmaker.

The CC report collects which lawmakers replied and to whom.  You can see who’s on your side and who needs more effort.  You’re set to go for more strategic advocacy.

Finally, you can thank your supporters by letting them know exactly how their advocacy made the difference.

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